Burn Injuries

Organ Damage Can Follow A Burn

Beyond the severe pain, a serious burn injury can have a lifelong impact on a victim’s general health. Because the skin is an organ, it is part of an organic system. A serious burn can mean other organs must overcompensate as the destroyed tissue works to heal itself. In addition to reconstructive surgery to repair the burned flesh, a series of surgeries and medical procedures may be required over many years, often leading to chronic organ damage, immobility and even death.

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If you suffered serious burns because of a fire, explosion or electrical shock while on a commercial, public or private property, in northwestern Georgia or southeastern Tennessee, or while using a defective or dangerous commercial or industrial product, call the attorneys of McCamy, Phillips, Tuggle & Fordham, LLP. We are a team of pre-eminent trial lawyers with a successful record of recovering millions of dollars in settlements and jury awards for personal injury and wrongful death claims against property owners, product manufacturers and other parties held liable for negligence.

Who Is Responsible?

Finger-pointing is very common in accidents resulting in fires and explosions. The property owner will say the furnace, boiler or other equipment wasn’t designed or manufactured safely. The manufacturer will point the blame at the installer or maintenance contractor — who will blame the property owner for not following proper procedures.

It is not unusual for fire, explosion and electrical shock injury and wrongful death litigation to involve multiple parties. We understand how complex cases involving burn injuries can be. We will thoroughly investigate to determine which party or parties should be held liable for damages, then seek full and fair compensation from all parties.

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