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Dalton GA Motor Vehicle Accidents Law Blog

Georgia officials looking for driver after fatal car accident

There are times in life when a simple decision can result in unimaginable consequences. The choice to travel with an individual does not usually end in a serious car accident that causes critical or even fatal injuries. Unfortunately, a recent crash resulted in one person dying and another suffering unknown injuries while Georgia officials look for the driver involved.

Georgia police are currently attempting to locate a 24-year-old man who they say caused a fatal car wreck after the driver attempted to evade police. The report indicated that the driver was stopped for a speeding violation. As the deputy approached the stopped vehicle, he purportedly detected the smell of an illegal substance. As he prepared to conduct a search of the car, the driver fled.

Georgia bus accidents may be fault of impaired drivers

When Georgia residents opt to travel by public or chartered transportation, they may often believe that they are safer than driving themselves to popular destinations. Unfortunately, no one is immune to the dangers that impaired drivers pose, especially in light of recent bus accidents that were caused by drivers under the influence. The most recent wreck injured more than 12 golfing fans on their way to the Masters Tournament.

According to a passenger on the bus, the driver first caused concern when he allegedly veered off the road and then over-corrected as he regained his position in the travel lane. The 61-year-old driver purportedly blamed his actions on debris in the road. The passenger also stated that the bus continued to maintain an unbalanced course as it continued on to the tournament.

Georgia man arrested; faces charges for fatal car accident

One never knows when a simple decision can lead to a life-changing catastrophe. When a motorist chooses to drink and drive, any resulting car accident often winds up hurting or even killing another party. Georgia police recently arrested and charged a man in connection with a fatal wreck that occurred earlier this year.

According to the official investigation, the driver, whose age was not included in the release, was driving his car west along a local road near the Bartow County border when he apparently lost control of his vehicle. It then left the roadway and collided with a tree. The impact of the collision caused the driver to be ejected from the vehicle. His 73-year-old passenger suffered life-threatening injuries.

Though not common, bus accidents can cause critical injuries

Every day, countless Georgia commuters and school students board their usual buses in order to get to their destinations. Though they are not a common occurrence, bus accidents do happen, and they can result in passengers suffering devastating injuries. Recently, a collision caused a beloved coach to be critically injured.

According to officials, a small bus used for the Augusta Preparatory Day School was transporting the school's golf team and the coach to a local game. As the bus driver traveled down Highway 49, he approached a small crest of a hill. Unfortunately, at that time, a tractor-trailer hauling a load of concrete building materials had come to a stop in the southbound travel lane. The bus driver was presumably unaware that the truck was parked and the smashed into the rear of the truck.

How a traumatic brain injury impacts your life

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can happen almost anywhere. Whether you slip and fall or get into a serious car crash, any impact to your head could cause a brain injury.

When you have a brain injury, there are many symptoms you could have. Every person is different, so your symptoms may vary even if you have an injury similar to someone else's. Here are a few things you could struggle with and what you may expect.

Will delay in ELD rule cause higher risk of truck accident?

In December, a new Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulation became effective, requiring all tractor-trailers to be equipped with electronic logging devices (ELDs). An electronic logging device is installed in the cab of the truck and records the hours that a trucker is actively driving, along with other important information. These devices are expected to help enforce compliance with federal laws to reduce the risk of a serious or fatal truck accident. In Georgia and elsewhere, a tired trucker poses a serious danger to fellow motorists.

As the deadline for compliance with the regulation looms closer, truckers working in the agricultural field were given a second extension, during which time the FMCSA will work to clarify the rules that apply to certain agricultural drivers. Federal laws state that a driver is not to drive more than 11 hours out of a 14-hour shift. Once a driver hits that cutoff, the trucker is required to have 10 consecutive hours off duty. An exemption for certain farm-related truckers who operate within a 150-mile radius could apply.

Driver faces charges after fatal accident in February

Traveling along the Georgia interstates comes with its own share of hazards, especially if one experiences a mechanical failure. The greatest danger posed to the majority of travelers is an inattentive or otherwise impaired driver. Last month, two men died in a fatal accident when another motorist failed to exercise due diligence behind the wheel.

According to police, a pickup truck was pulled over to the side of Interstate 185 after purportedly running out of gas. As two men were attending to filling the truck's tank, another pickup approached the scene. Somehow, that motorist failed to control his vehicle, and it collided with the rear bumper of the parked truck as well as the two men.

Georgia takes steps to reduce car accidents caused by negligence

Every day, there are reports of another serious car accident caused by a distracted driver. Georgia is now taking steps to help reduce this type of negligence behind the wheel. The rising rate of serious and fatal injuries is the catalyst behind the need for tougher regulations.

Recently, lawmakers in the Georgia House of Representatives passed the new measure, House Bill 673, which is also being referred to as The Hands-Free Georgia Act. Though the state already has laws that address the use of cellular devices while driving, the new bill states that police officers can now pull over drivers who are seen with a cell phone in their hands. There has been a mixed response by those who have been questioned about the new bill.

Whiplash: a hidden injury that requires treatment

A motor vehicle accident has the potential to do much more than just disrupt your day. You may end up in the hospital for days or weeks, and need extensive, expensive treatment.

Even if you don't have any outward injuries, it's likely that you could have an injury that isn't yet obvious. For instance, many people suffer from whiplash after a crash, which may not appear for hours or days later.

County police receive tools to better aid personal injury victims

In the majority of serious car accidents, emergency medical technicians treat victims and transport them for treatment. In many cases, however, police officers are often the first on the scene of an accident involving serious personal injury. In one Georgia county, those officers are now better prepared to provide potentially life-saving services.

Several years ago, an officer arrived at the scene of a serious motorcycle accident. Though the majority of all first responders are trained in how to perform CPR, not every police officer is knowledgeable about applying other life saving techniques. This particular officer was skilled in the use of tourniquets, which enabled him to save the limb and possibly the life of the victim.

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