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Flying truck tire results in death on Georgia interstate

The tires of a tractor-trailer can weigh approximately 100 pounds or more. If they come loose while the truck is in motion, it can pose a threat not only to the truck operator but to drivers of surrounding vehicles. Such a scenario recently played out in Peach County, Georgia, on Interstate 75. The loss of a truck tire reportedly caused the death of a 36-year-old woman after it reportedly struck her vehicle. 

The accident occurred last Sunday afternoon. For reasons that are unclear, two tires came off the axle of a northbound 18-wheeler. The truck driver, a 31-year-old man from Florida, managed to slow the tractor-trailer and bring it to a controlled stop. Meanwhile, one of the tires made its way into the southbound lanes after clearing a 5-foot concrete median. A southbound SUV lost its roof when the tire crashed into it. The SUV then struck another tractor-trailer, this one southbound, and the force of that collision sent it into the concrete median.

How are domestic and international adoption different?

As a prospective parent looking to adopt in Georgia, the decisions you make now can last a lifetime. One of the most important involves how you want to adopt and from where. You can choose to adopt a child from the United States or an international location. There are children in need of loving homes everywhere, so one is not inherently better than the other. However, you may find that either domestic or international adoption works better for your family. 

According to the National Infertility Association, some prospective parents seek out international adoptions because of fears that a domestic birth mother will change her mind and demand the baby back in the future. These fears are almost always unfounded. Once a birth mother agrees to terminate her parental rights, she loses all legal claims to the baby. Furthermore, if the adoption is semi-open or closed, the birth mother does not have access to your address or other contact information. There are many excellent reasons to adopt internationally, but fear of the birth mother changing her mind is not one of them. 

Spinal cord injuries can be frightening at first

Some motor vehicle crashes result in a victim suffering from a spinal cord injury, which is a life-changing experience. Impacts depend on the severity and location. Areas of the body that are affected by the injury are always lower than the location of the damage to the spine. More of the body is impacted when it occurs closer to the neck than what happens if it is nearer to the tailbone.

Learning that you do have something wrong with your spinal cord can conjure images of life in a severely limited state. This isn't always the case. Only some cases involve paralysis, but this doesn't mean that other types of effects aren't just as hard to cope with.

Georgia's DUI laws may not be tough enough

All throughout the United States, including in Georgia, the penalties for a person convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol have become stronger over the last several decades. However, there is quite a variance between the penalties imposed by each state. One example of how things may differ is the required use of ignition interlock devices. IIDs are used predominately to prevent repeat DUIs.

According to the Georgia Governor's Office of Highway Safety, a driver in the state of Georgia who has been convicted of a DUI offense may not be ordered to install and use an IID unless the offense is their second such conviction within a time span of five years. Other states require IIDs for drivers even after a first DUI conviction.

FDA requests that manufacturer recall implants linked to cancer

Women in Georgia who are considering breast implants, or have had them in the past, should pay attention to the recent news that studies have linked a particular brand of textured breast implants to a rare form of cancer. Due to the evidence that appears to link the specific product to patient harm, the Food and Drug Administration requested that the manufacturer of the implants recall them. Allergan, the company responsible for the manufacture of the implants, complied with this request last week, issuing a statement saying that no further distribution or sale of the implants in question will take place. 

At issue are Allergan's textured breast implants sold under the brand name BIOCELL. Textured implant use in the United States is less common than in Asia or Europe, and it is unclear at this time to what extent, if any, the texturing contributes to increased cancer risk. Nevertheless, the FDA reports that the risk of developing a particular type of anaplastic large cell lymphoma associated with breast implants is six times greater in patients with Allergan BIOCELL implants than with textured implants from any other manufacturer. 

DOT pushing to ease trucker drive time limits

Residents in Georgia know that truckers spend a lot of long and lonely hours behind the wheel. This can naturally contribute to fatigue and is something that requires careful monitoring in order to keep truckers and other motorists safe. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has rules in place capping the number of hours a trucker can drive in a single work day or work week. However, the U.S. Department of Transportation and the presidential administration are now trying to amend those, easing the limits on truckers. 

As reported by the PBS News Hour, current rules allow a trucker to work 14 hours in one day but only 11 of those hours can be spent driving. That time must include a 30-minute rest period after the first eight hours. Once the day's work shift is concluded, the trucker must have at least 10 hours of off-duty time before driving again. The purpose of these rules is to reduce trucker fatigue and, thereby reduce accidents.

Wrong-way driver kills seven, injures three

People in Georgia know that when they are granted a driver's license, they are given not only a privilege but a responsibility. An essential part of that responsibility is to always operate their vehicles safely and in accordance with the law. The safety of themselves, of any passengers they may have and of other motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists all depend upon this. Unfortunately, there are many people who allow themselves to speed, be distracted while driving, drive while drunk or engage in other risky behaviors when behind the wheel.

Today, seven people are dead and three more are hurt after an accident that occurred after the driver of a sport utility vehicle crossed over onto the other side of a busy freeway and stuck another vehicle head-on. According to a report by ABC News, it is not yet known what precipitated the SUV's move onto the wrong side of the freeway. The SUV's collision with a van set off a chain reaction that included multiple vehicles.

Learn more about adoption in Georgia

If you want to grow your family, one possible option is to go through the state to adopt. Adoption can be a great choice for many families, especially for those who are infertile or unable to have their own children for other reasons.

When you're interested in adoption, you might not be sure about where to start. After all, there's a lot of information, and much of it conflicts. Fortunately, adoption is relatively straightforward if you get the right help and information to start with.

What are the seven steps in the adoption process?

You probably already know that adoption is a method of adding to your family by providing a safe and nurturing home to a child in need, but what does it mean from a legal standpoint? In the eyes of Georgia state law, any children adopted into your family gain the same rights and legal standing that they would have if they had been born into it.

The government of the State of Georgia details a seven-step process involved in adopting a child. Your individual process may vary slightly depending on your particular circumstances, but you can generally expect the adoption process to progress in the following manner. 

Alcohol and speed continue to claim lives in Georgia

Most people in Georgia are aware that driving after consuming alcohol is not safe as a driver's ability to concentrate and react are both diminished. Driving beyond the stated speed limit is another behavior that is unsafe as posted speed limited are determined as a means of protecting people. Unfortunately, there are many drivers who simply choose to ignore these realities. Instead, they make the reckless choice to drive drunk, to speed or even to do both at the same time. 

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, alcohol and excessive speed claimed the lives of 366 and 248 people, respectively in 2017 throughout the state of Georgia. The number of people killed at the hands of drunk or speeding drivers that year is far greater than in 2013 when 296 drunk driving fatalities and 197 speed-related deaths were recorded statewide. The overall number of traffic fatalities also increased in those five years.

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