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Dalton GA Motor Vehicle Accidents Law Blog

Georgia motorcycle accident results in fatal injuries for man

Georgia State Police are frequently called to the scene of serious traffic collisions that could be prevented. In spite of the numerous public service campaigns conducted every year to alert motorists to be aware of the presence of motorcycles, there are countless riders who are seriously injured or killed in these collisions. One recent motorcycle accident resulted in fatal injuries for the motorcyclist.

According to the initial accident report, the motorcyclist was traveling north along a local route and approaching an intersection with another highway at around 6:30 a.m. A passenger vehicle was approaching from the north and was preparing to execute a lefthand turn onto the adjacent roadway. Unfortunately, the female motorist failed to surrender the right-of-way to the approaching motorcycle.

Three things to consider about domestic violence

Domestic violence is one of the worst traumas a family can experience. For the person being violent, there is stress and anxiety along with actions that can't be taken back. For victims, the reality is often that without help, they could end up badly or unable to extricate themselves from difficult situations.

Those living in fear of domestic violence may have to choose whether to turn in a loved one or continue being victimized. Abuse isn't always clear-cut, and it can be difficult to know whether an incident is bad enough to report. Here are a few things you should know about domestic violence that could help you decide how to proceed.

Georgia police looking for driver who caused fatal car accident

One of the most dangerous sections of many routes and rural highways are intersections. No matter the care that most motorists exercise to avoid causing a collision, there are others who are not as diligent. Georgia officials are currently seeking the commercial truck driver who is believed to have caused a fatal car accident.

According to the initial reports, a passenger vehicle and an ambulance were proceeding through an intersection in opposite lanes when an unidentified commercial vehicle drove into the intersection into the paths of the oncoming vehicles. This action caused the driver of the ambulance to attempt to take evasive actions to avoid hitting the truck. Unfortunately, the emergency vehicle wound up swerving into the opposing lane.

DOT may study impact of heavier cargo on truck accident numbers

Over the past few years, shippers who haul food and agricultural products via tractor-trailers have requested changes in the weight limits that they are permitted to haul across the country. Thus far, the majority of states -- including Georgia -- cap cargo capacity at 81,000 pounds. If these limits are increased, it is feared that it may also increase the chances of a truck accident.

A coalition comprised of agricultural shippers and suppliers recently requested that the Department of Transportation study the impact of higher load capacities on the nation's highways. A panel that is comprised of representatives from the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine has recommended that approximately 45 areas be investigated before the panel could support a request for changing weight limits. The coalition of shippers has expressed a desire for a pilot program to run over 15 years to gauge the cost-saving benefits of higher weight limits.

Dealing with your neck injury: 3 tips

You were enjoying a bike ride on a familiar route when the unexpected happened: You were side-swiped by a passing vehicle, unbalancing you and causing you to fall into the roadway. Then vehicle behind the one that hit you, and now you have a serious neck injury.

Now that you're recovering, there are a few things that you should remember about your injury and what you can do to help it. Here are three tips.

Georgia police officer victim of fatal accident while on duty

It is the law in the vast majority of states, including Georgia, to move over one lane of traffic along highways whenever there is an emergency or utility vehicle with activated lights parked along the shoulder of the road. If traffic makes moving over impossible, then motorists are required to reduce their speed in order to ensure the safety of others. Unfortunately, some drivers have not heeded the law, and, as a result, people have died as a result of a fatal accident.

The most recent victim of one of these types of collisions was a Georgia police officer. According to the Savannah police department, the officer was on the scene of an earlier head-on crash. He was assigned to the task of helping to divert traffic away from the crash scene and was in his duty car with his emergency lights activated. Sadly, a tractor-trailer driver purportedly either did not notice the cruiser or did not take evasive actions and subsequently crashed into the cruiser.

Georgia county school loses beloved teacher in fatal accident

Those who give to their communities play a vital role in the lives of every citizen. Whether one works with youth or is employed with law enforcement, all can play an important role in influencing lives. When a fatal accident takes the life of a teacher, the consequences can have a lasting effect on many whose lives they have touched. Recently, one Georgia county mourned the loss of one of these educators.

Georgia police are still conducting an active investigation into the cause of the fatal wreck. It occurred at an intersection that purportedly has a reputation for being dangerous for motorists. The early morning crash involved a fourth-grade teacher and an employee of the local sheriff's department. The teacher was reportedly on her way to school when the deadly wreck resulted in her death.

Severe spinal cord injuries: 1 possible outcome of car crashes

According to statistics from 2012, the overall cost of property damages related to car accidents is estimated to be approximately $277 billion every year. That does not include the often horrific injuries caused by car crashes, including possibly severe spinal cord injuries. There are countless Georgia travelers who have suffered severe physical harm that resulted from the actions of another motorist.

There is a long list of possible injuries that can be caused by a car crash. Two of the most serious are those involving the head or spine. A head injury occurs when the victim's head strikes a stationary object such as the window, dash or steering wheel, and range from a mild concussion to a serious traumatic head injury that can cause permanent impairment. A spine injury can encompass a whiplash trauma to broken vertebra. The effects could be short-term numbness or nerve tingling up to possible paralysis, depending on the location and severity of the damage.

Veteran deputy killed in Georgia hit-and-run motorcycle crash

Youth and inexperience can lead to dangerous consequences when teen drivers are behind the wheel. Sadly, when these individuals cause a serious accident, they may make the poor decision to attempt to evade responsibility for their actions. Recently, a veteran Georgia deputy was killed in a motorcycle crash when a juvenile driver struck his motorcycle and then fled.

The accident occurred at an intersection of two local roads in McDuffie County. A driver of a sedan purportedly disobeyed a traffic sign and smashed into a motorcycle operated by an off-duty sheriff's deputy. The report did not indicate whether the victim was taken for any life-saving efforts before he died.

Child dies after car struck in tractor-trailer accident

As the warmer weather arrives, Georgia highways will likely become more congested with traffic and construction delays. All motorists will want to pay close attention to traffic conditions, especially during peak travel times in order to avoid becoming involved in a serious crash. Sadly, it is believed that one trucker failed to do so after a child died after a tractor-trailer accident.

Georgia State Patrol troopers responded to the scene of a crash involving several tractor-trailers and a smaller passenger vehicle on I-285. The report indicated that the car and a tractor-trailer had come to a stop as a result of a traffic slowdown. A second semitrailer driver purportedly failed to adjust his speed to accommodate the slowdown. When the driver realized that the truck ahead of him was not moving, he attempted to avoid colliding with it by swerving into the next lane.

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