Preventing Auto Accidents

Some Accidents Can Be Prevented

Car accidents are a common occurrence in Chattanooga and throughout northwest Georgia. However, most car accidents are preventable with certain precautionary measures and simple common sense. Unfortunately, many drivers act in a careless manner that leads to devastating results. When a car accident is caused by reckless or negligent behavior, the injured party may file a lawsuit for damages.

Take These Precautions

The following are a few recommendations that can help you prevent a serious car accident:

  • Wear your seatbelt. Over half of the fatalities from car accidents involve individuals who were not wearing seatbelts. To avoid grave injuries from a car accident, it is essential to fasten your seatbelt.
  • Follow the speed limit. Speed limits are calculated based on local traffic patterns and road conditions. Going above or below the posted speed limit increases the likelihood of a car accident.
  • Stay alert. Car accidents are increasingly caused by driver distraction. Although it is now illegal to use a cellphone while driving, many people continue to do so. Do not use cellphones or attempt other activities such as adjusting the radio or eating while driving. Also, be extra alert driving at night, when vision is limited and driver fatigue is common.
  • Know your car. Be aware of the limits of your vehicle and how it handles in difficult situations. Remember to ensure your car is properly maintained to avoid needless mechanical failures that can cause an accident.

Secure Help From Qualified Car Accident Attorneys

If you were injured in a car accident, it is important to seek advice from an experienced attorney in Chattanooga. Although you may be tempted to settle directly with the insurance company, doing so puts you at a disadvantage. The insurance companies often value profits over people. A car accident attorney can assess the merit of your case and determine an appropriate settlement amount.

At McCamy, Phillips, Tuggle & Fordham, LLP, our attorneys protect the rights of injury victims. We will put our experience and extensive resources to work for you to obtain a favorable outcome. You can feel secure with a car accident lawyer from our firm at your side. Contact us at 706-508-4292, or submit our quick contact form.