Recreational Vehicle Accidents/ATV

An Appealing But Dangerous Terrain

The mountains and hills of Northwest Georgia and South Tennessee make for some of the best national forests and private land for recreational trail riding in the United States. Thousands of people come to the region every year to ride their ATVs, trail bikes and other off-road recreational vehicles on hundreds of miles of roads and trails. Unfortunately, some of those trips turn tragic when riders get injured on the trail.

The Challenge Of ATV Accident Cases

ATV accidents are complicated because eyewitness accounts may be unreliable or difficult to find. Many riders are inexperienced and the insurance company is quick to blame the injured victim for taking unnecessary risks. Our firm knows the insurance defense lawyers’ strategies, and we counter with thorough investigation and airtight case preparation. When necessary, we work with independent professional experts to help us investigate and prepare the strongest case possible for full and fair money recovery for your injuries and financial damages.

Passenger Injuries

If you were injured while riding as a passenger of a negligent ATV or off-road recreational vehicle driver, you have the right to pursue money damages. We will help you find every possible avenue to seek the compensation you are entitled to.

Dangerous And Defective Recreational Vehicles

ATV manufacturers go to great expense to market their off-road vehicles as safe. The truth is a large number of ATV and recreational vehicle accidents occur because of defective or unsafe equipment. Our attorneys have extensive experience representing victims of product liability claims. Let us evaluate your injury or wrongful death case to determine whether the manufacturer shares liability for damages.

Call An Experienced Rome, Georgia, ATV And 3-Wheeler Accident Lawyer

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