What are the most common injuries caused by car accidents?

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The consequences of a car crash range from a ticket and property damage to serious injury and even death. Different types of crashes can produce a variety of different injuries, and even the type of vehicles involved can alter the consequences of a crash.

It is difficult for the average person to effectively check themselves and the other occupants of their vehicle for signs of injuries given the broad assortment of medical issues possible after a collision. Those familiar with the most likely injuries are better able to identify when they need help. The following injuries are most likely to occur after a car crash.

Neck injuries

Many people who get hurt in a crash hurt their necks. Often, neck injuries are soft tissue injuries, such as whiplash. However, people can also break bones in their necks due to the force of a crash.

Other soft tissue injuries

People can easily hurt the muscles, ligaments and tendons in their bodies during a crash. Bruises, sprains, strains and bursitis can cause pain and limit someone’s functional abilities.

Broken bones

People can break not just individual vertebrae in their spines but also the bones in their arms, legs and extremities. Car crashes are often so violent that broken bones go beyond a simple, stable fracture. People may have compound fractures where the bone pushes through the skin. They could also develop comminuted fractures where the bone breaks into many small pieces.

Brain injuries

The violent motions of a car crash are unfortunately the perfect recipe for a brain injury. Some people only have mild injuries that produce short-term symptoms but no permanent damage. Motor vehicle collisions are a leading cause of serious traumatic brain injuries. Moderate to severe injuries can cause permanent symptoms ranging from cognitive issues to motor function challenges.

Car crashes also have an association with severe lacerations, possibly leading to disfiguring scars. They are also one of the top causes of spinal cord injuries and amputations, although such injuries are not as common as broken bones, soft tissue injuries and brain injuries.

Seeing a medical professional is often necessary to properly diagnose the injuries that occur as a result of a car crash. Those who understand the risks are in a better position to protect themselves and their loved ones from undiagnosed injuries that could worsen over time.