How TBIs can cause long-term health problems

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A moderate or severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) can cause years of issues. Some individuals recover fully without additional problems, but others may struggle with various physical, emotional and cognitive symptoms. However, some people in Georgia may recover after years of problems.

Physical symptoms

Chronic physical issues that some people report lingering for years after sustaining a TBI include headaches, dizziness and fatigue. Some people may experience visual problems, such as trouble focusing or double vision. A serious TBI can also cause seizures or epilepsy. People with the worst injuries are those who have had several TBIs as they may be at a higher risk of developing a degenerative brain disease.

Emotional and cognitive

Trouble with thought and memory is one of the most common issues people suffer after sustaining a TBI. Some people have difficulty sleeping, depression, anxiety and problems concentrating. People may also suffer from personality changes, such as aggression. In some cases, these changes appear later. For example, increased irritability might begin up to three years after the initial injury.

Quality of life

The physical, cognitive and emotional symptoms can also lead to quality-of-life issues. For example, fewer than half of the people who suffered a serious TBI said they were able to return to the same leisure activities they had enjoyed before the injury. Many individuals also struggle to return to full-time work and have problems managing their finances. While there is a higher likelihood of death at an earlier age than for non-injured people, there have also been significant improvements in treatment that have reduced the death rate. Immediate medical care after the injury and general good health may also contribute to better outcomes.

For people who are injured in an accident that causes a TBI, compensation can be essential for covering the weeks, months or years of treatment they may need, as well as other expenses, such as lost income. A personal injury attorney may help an injured individual obtain compensation from the parties responsible for his or her injury.