Study ranks state laws on drunk driving

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Residents in Georgia tend to be very proud of their state and that is generally with good reason. The people who live in Georgia enjoy a positive quality of life and want to trust that their state lawmakers and officials look out for their well-being as much as they possibly can. One way of doing this is by passing and upholding laws that aim to encourage safe and positive behavior. In some cases, these laws include penalties for dangerous and reckless behavior.

The laws regarding drunk driving are a great example of how a state can help protect its residents and uphold a high standard of living. Every person should know that driving a motor vehicle after consuming alcohol is risky and should not be done. However, a great number of people still do this every single day.

A recent study looked at the laws pertaining to drinking and driving across all of the states in the country and ranked them based on how strict each one is. As reported by The Spectator, only two states in the nation have stronger drunk driving laws than Georgia. This should be good news for most people in the state as they can feel confident that there is a good effort to keep them safe.

Unfortunately, the laws do not stop every drunk driver as many accidents still happen. These incidents claim the lives of innocent people or leave others with serious and even life-altering injuries. After these events, some people may find that working with an attorney can help them pursue some bit of justice.