Wrong-way driver kills seven, injures three

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

People in Georgia know that when they are granted a driver’s license, they are given not only a privilege but a responsibility. An essential part of that responsibility is to always operate their vehicles safely and in accordance with the law. The safety of themselves, of any passengers they may have and of other motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists all depend upon this. Unfortunately, there are many people who allow themselves to speed, be distracted while driving, drive while drunk or engage in other risky behaviors when behind the wheel.

Today, seven people are dead and three more are hurt after an accident that occurred after the driver of a sport utility vehicle crossed over onto the other side of a busy freeway and stuck another vehicle head-on. According to a report by ABC News, it is not yet known what precipitated the SUV’s move onto the wrong side of the freeway. The SUV’s collision with a van set off a chain reaction that included multiple vehicles.

There were four people in the van that was hit by the SUV. All four of those people were killed in the crash. The SUV was carrying multiple people, three of whom were also killed in the incident. Another three people in that vehicle were injured. No reports have been issued indicating if the driver was one of the people killed or not. Other vehicles were damaged but without injury to the occupants.

An investigation will hopefully uncover more details about what led to this horrible wreck. The event happened on a Saturday afternoon about 80 miles from Atlanta.