Learn more about adoption in Georgia

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If you want to grow your family, one possible option is to go through the state to adopt. Adoption can be a great choice for many families, especially for those who are infertile or unable to have their own children for other reasons.

When you’re interested in adoption, you might not be sure about where to start. After all, there’s a lot of information, and much of it conflicts. Fortunately, adoption is relatively straightforward if you get the right help and information to start with.

Adopting through the state

Adopting through the state is one of the most affordable ways to adopt. The Georgia Division of Family and Children Services have a photolisting of children who are currently up for adoption as well as foster care and adoption recruitment coordinators who can help potential parents learn more about the process.

What is Georgia’s adoption process?

Georgia’s adoption process starts with an inquiry. You can call the DFCS and fill out a Homes for Georgia’s Kids inquiry form. Then, you’ll receive a packet from the local office about informational sessions occurring soon.

Anyone who is interested in adopting can attend an information session with the DFCS. After this, the Resource Development Worker goes to the prospective family’s home to talk with the family.

The third step in Georgia is pre-service training. If a family decides that adoption is the right step for them, then they will go through the Adoption Preparation Program. By the end of this, prospective parents receive 23 hours of training. A case manager meets the family to complete an assessment during this training and then starts the family evaluation. It’s at this point that home visits and information gathering take place, helping to eliminate families who would not be a good fit for adoption and identify families who are a great fit.

After getting an approved evaluation, you’ll wait for pre-placement. If there is a particular child you’re interested in, then that could help placement occur more quickly. When a child becomes available, you’ll receive information about them and decide if they’re a good match. After a series of visits with the child, you can sign a placement agreement and have them placed with you. After a release is given by the DFCS, you can have the adoption finalized in court.

Your attorney can be with you every step of this process, to make sure you do everything you need to bring your child home.