How do I fund the adoption process?

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There are many families in Georgia who would love to welcome an adopted child into their home. However, the high cost of adoption creates obstacles that may take families years to overcome. According to one Forbes article, adoption costs can range from a low of $20,000 to a high of $80,000. Many families may consider taking out a loan to adopt, but if this puts the families’ net worth into negative figures it may reflect poorly in your home study.

To make matters worse, there are fraudulent companies and alleged professionals who prey on the desperation of families. These companies charge thousands of dollars claiming to connect you with potential children and then may disappear without a trace. As a result, it is important to pay keen attention to who you provide your information to and where you invest your money during the adoption process.

Use grants

Grants should be your first stop when it comes to securing money for an adoption. There are several charitable organizations formed by people familiar with the adoption process and who sympathize with the obstacles that parents face. Do some research on the available grants in your area and start to pin-point the ones you may qualify for.

Ask your employer

Not every company offers adoption benefits, but they have become increasingly popular over the past few decades. If your employer does not specifically state whether or not it has adoption benefits in place, ask. Keep in mind that adoption benefits do not always mean cash-in-hand, but they can save you money down the road. For instance, some employers may provide information resources to point you in the right direction, while others commit to offering parental leave when the adoption is finalized.

Try crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is one of the most popular ways people can raise money for a good cause these days, even if the cause is personal. There are some organizations who may be able to handle the crowdfunding on your behalf, but it doesn’t hurt to do some grassroots crowdfunding as well. Talk to family and friends who will enjoy being the aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and godparents of your child. More people than you might think may be willing to help out with the cost.

The adoption process is a long, winding road that may take years to travel. Those who are successful must exercise patience, creativity and a willingness to continue even after failed attempts early on. Unfortunately, perseverance is not enough, so be sure to save up as much as possible before you get started.

This article provides information on the adoption funding process and should not be interpreted as legal advice.