Avoid a motorcycle crash with these 5 tips

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Motorcycle crashes can quickly lead to fatal or debilitating injuries. Thanks to the less-severe seasons in Georgia, it’s sometimes possible to use your motorcycle throughout the year. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that some people may not be used to seeing motorcyclists all year. Tourists and travelers, for example, could be unfamiliar with motorcyclists on the roadways and accidentally cause a collision.

As a motorcyclist, the last thing you want is to have to deal with the repercussions of someone else’s mistake. To help you avoid an unwanted collision, here are five tips.

1. Don’t be afraid to make noise

One way to help yourself be noticed is by using a horn or by revving. While it shouldn’t be a constant need, honking at a car so that the driver looks up or notices you plan to pass can be helpful.

2. Stand out in the right ways

Use your lights, wear bright or light colors and try wearing reflective gear. While it might look cooler to wear black or darker tones, the reality is that they’re harder to see.

3. Be aware of traffic conditions

Before you head out, look over the route you plan to take and decide if you need to make changes to avoid heavy traffic.

4. Slow down before intersections

No, you shouldn’t have to do this, but choosing to slow down before entering an intersection gives you more time to look both ways and make sure no one is coming through a red light or four-way stop. This simple reduction in speed could also help you avoid serious injuries if you are hit, since there is less force in the collision.

5. Take a defensive driving course

Finally, one of the best things for any rider to do is to take a course in defensive driving. Learning how to avoid collisions and what to look for can help you be safer on the roads, even if others aren’t being as cautious as they should be.

These are five tips that could help you avoid a motorcycle crash while you’re traveling. If you are hit, do your best to take down information about the driver or to recall what you remember about the crash. That information is vital to your claim against the driver who struck you and can help you get the right amount of compensation from the driver’s insurance company.