Georgia car accident claims the lives of 2 men

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Two men lost their lives after a tragic car crash in Georgia. The car accident occurred early in the morning on a recent Tuesday. At times, these types of collisions happen because a particular driver was negligent behind the wheel — such as driving too fast for road conditions. In such a situation, the negligent driver may be may be held financial responsible for any deaths or serious injuries occurring as a result.

The recent tragedy occurred a little after midnight. According to authorities, a sports car was speeding on a road that was wet. All of a sudden, the driver reportedly lost control of the motor vehicle.

The automobile ended up leaving the roadway and crashing into a stone sign located at the entrance to a park. At that point, the car caught fire. Both of the men inside the car passed away in the crash.

The surviving loved ones of the man who was a passenger in the car may decide to file a wrongful death claim, seeking a judgment for monetary damages. Even though the driver of the car died in this fiery car accident, a lawsuit may still be filed against his estate. In addition, anyone else who maintained an ownership interest in the car he was driving at the time of the crash may be named in the lawsuit as well. A preponderance of the evidence , documenting negligence that caused or materially contributed to the crash, is necessary to establish liability in a Georgia civil court. Monetary compensation in a successfully litigated lawsuit may help with addressing burial expenses, the loss of income for surviving dependents and other financial damages associated with the car accident.

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