4 teen girls injured in car accident

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A Georgia car crash has led to injuries to multiple teenage girls. The car accident occurred on a recent Monday. It occurred after the girls had spent time at a Chili’s restaurant.

According to police, four teenage girls were riding in a car that was going east on a local street in Gwinnett County. The girl who was driving the car is 17. She reportedly over-corrected and ended up slamming the car into a tree. All four girls suffered injuries and were taken to the hospital.

One 16-year-old victim suffered multiple serious injuries, including brain trauma. She remained in critical condition at a hospital, where she was under heavy sedation on a ventilator. Meanwhile, the driver fractured three of her vertebrae, and another girl broke 10 ribs and suffered a collapsed lung. Police said that alcohol was not a causal factor, but speed did contribute to the collision.

Personal injury claims may be filed against the teenage driver who reportedly caused the Georgia car accident, as well as anyone else listed as a registered owner for the car she was operating. A damage award in a case that is successfully presented may help to pay for the victims’ hospital bills as well as to address emotional distress and pain and suffering caused by the accident. Financial responsibility must be established in a manner that satisfies the court hearing the case before claims for damages will be considered. Even though a monetary award cannot reverse the events causing the victims’ injuries, it may help the victims to more easily move on from the trying ordeal.

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