Truck accident in Georgia leads to 2 injuries

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An accident involving a semi truck in Georgia recently led to injuries to one child and a woman. The accident occurred on a Thursday in early March. This truck accident took place along Interstate 85.

Police said the accident occurred on the interstate near the Buford Drive intersection. It involved a sport-utility vehicle and a tractor-trailer. Responders had to extricate a woman, along with her child, from the vehicle.

The child, who suffered critical injuries, was transported to a children’s hospital. Meanwhile, the mother was taken to a different hospital with moderate or minor injuries. Cleanup at the accident scene took several hours.

A police investigation may yield information about who was at fault in the truck accident. If authorities determine that the semi-truck driver caused the accident due to negligence — such as driving while distracted or driving too quickly for road conditions — personal injury claims may be filed against the truck driver, along with his or her employer, seeking damages. A successful claim might provide the victims with much-needed financial compensation following the injury accident, and, in addition, a damage award may also help to address pain and suffering, along with emotional distress, caused by the accident. A civil court in Georgia will ultimately determine claims for monetary damages only if liability is established in a manner that satisfies the court hearing the case. Although monetary compensation cannot undo the events leading to the accident-related injuries, it may help to provide closure and enable the accident victims to move forward more easily.

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