Car accident leads to 2 deaths, 2 injuries in Georgia

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Family members are grieving following a Georgia accident that left a child dead. The car accident occurred on a recent Monday. The girl who died in the accident was 6 years old.

Police said the girl was riding in an SUV when it was hit by an inmate transport vehicle. The girl was on her way home to a different state with her family. Three other people in the SUV were injured and taken to the hospital where their conditions were deemed critical. The 40-year-old father of the girl who died in the crash also lost his life; he is said to have been driving the SUV when the crash occurred.

Police said the driver of the inmate transport vehicle was trying to go across a four-lane highway when he hit the SUV; the transport driver claims he did not see the it. After being T-boned, the SUV hit a stump located in a nearby front yard and flipped several times. Three of the five individuals in the SUV ended up being ejected from the vehicle; authorities said they believed that just one person in the SUV had a safety belt on. Charges are currently pending against the driver of the inmate transport vehicle, 58.

The loved ones of the family members who died in the tragic Georgia car accident have the right to file wrongful death claims against the inmate transport vehicle driver as well as his or her employer, seeking damages. Likewise, those injured in the crash may file personal injury claims. If the inmate transport vehicle driver ends up being charged and then convicted on his charges, proof of the conviction may be presented in a related civil court proceeding in an effort to establish liability in the accident case.

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