Fatal accident on Georgia 135 may result in criminal charges

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Traffic accidents can happen in a split second on Georgia roadways. Those accidents can lead to a fatality more often than one might expect. A recent accident on Georgia 135 may lead to charges being filed against the driver as a result of the fatal accident.

At 4:30 a.m. on a Sunday, a 28-year-old woman knocked on the door of a Naylor resident along Georgia 135. She was reportedly covered in blood and announced that she had just been in a car wreck. The man, who happens to serve as the local fire chief, tended to the woman. When he looked outside, he saw that the wreck had actually occurred in his front yard and that the car had split into two separate pieces.

The wrecked vehicle, which had apparently been rented by the driver, had sped off the roadway and hit a tree. The 33-year-old male passenger in the car died from injuries suffered in the accident. A Georgia State Patrolman reported that high speeds are suspected as one cause of the accident. Charges against the driver are pending the completion of the investigation, and there were indications that alcohol and drugs may have been involved.

A fatal accident can lead to challenges for the families left behind. There could be court appearances, medical and final expenses, and financial obligations of the estate of the deceased. The surviving family of a deceased victim may seek the help of a Georgia attorney to file a civil suit to seek recovery of any financial losses. If charges are filed and result in a conviction of the driver, proof of that may be sufficient to establish financial liability in civil court.

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