Mother and daughter killed in Georgia car accident

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The cause of a crash is what accident investigators try to determine since the answer may not be immediately obvious or discernible. Some crashes take time for the collision reconstructive team to determine the cause and which party was responsible. A recent car accident will likely be no different for the Georgia State Patrol’s specialized team.

The accident took place in a county on the eastern edge of the state, and it left a local high school without a teacher. According to the Georgia State Patrol, a special education teacher and her mother were traveling in a van shortly before 4 p.m. At some point during the drive, a pickup truck occupied by an 18-year-old driver and her 15-year-old female passenger reportedly crossed the center median and into opposing traffic.

The two vehicles collided. Unfortunately, both women in the van died from injuries suffered in the collision. The driver and passenger in the pickup truck were injured, and one of them had to be transported to a local hospital by helicopter. There was a third vehicle involved in the accident, but the 17-year-old driver was not reported to be injured in the crash.

The Georgia State Patrol continues their investigation into this fatal car accident in an attempt to answer the obvious question of why the pickup crossed into oncoming traffic. The families of both deceased victims are likely entitled to file a wrongful death claim in connection with the loss of their loved ones. In addition, the family of the teenage passenger in the pickup truck may be eligible to file a personal injury claim as well.

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