Former NBA player indicted in connection with fatal accident

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Georgia residents may remember Mookie Blaylock. He spent 13 seasons as an NBA basketball player and was an NBA All-Defensive Team Member two times. In May 2013, the former basketball player was involved in a fatal accident here in Georgia.

A father of five children was injured in the crash and his wife was killed in the head-on collision. Blaylock suffered serious injuries in the crash that left him on life support temporarily. He was able to leave the hospital a few days after the accident.

Recently, a Georgia grand jury made the decision to indict Blaylock on several charges connected to the crash, such as homicide by vehicle in the first degree, reckless driving and serious injury by vehicle. The other charges he faces were not reported. According to the Clayton County District Attorney’s Office, he could face as much as 33 years in a Georgia prison if he is convicted on all of the charges.

A representative for Blaylock insists that the player suffered a blackout just prior to the crash. He also contends that his client suffered from seizures for which he has since been treated. This may be the case, but it does not bring back the wife and mother that lost her life.

Her husband, and father of her children, retains the right to file a wrongful death claim against the former NBA player seeking damages in connection with the fatal accident. Further, he may be able to file a personal injury claim for the injuries he suffered. If he can prove Blaylock was somehow negligent and his negligence caused his injuries and the death of his wife, a civil court may award him damages incurred because of the crash. No amount of money will bring back his wife, but it may help with the financial burdens the family faced and faces since that day.

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