Driver reportedly speeding before crash that killed 1, injured 2

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Witnesses say it is possible that the driver of a vehicle was street racing prior to a recent crash. As the cars were speeding down the street, the teenage driver lost control. Three people occupied the vehicle at the time and all three suffered injuries that ranged from serious to fatal.

When the Georgia teenage boy driving the car lost control, it left the road. As it flipped over, it hit a car in the driveway of a home. A witness in that home stated that, had it not been for the parked car in between the wrecked car and the home, the situation might have been worse for her and her daughter.

The crash was horrific enough. All three of the teens in the vehicle were thrown out as it rolled. One girl who had recently turned 16 suffered fatal injuries.

The two survivors, the boy driving the car and another passenger, suffered injuries serious enough to warrant transporting them to the hospital via helicopter. The boy required surgery and his current condition is unknown. The other girl is said to be improving, but the extent and nature of her injuries were not specified.

The students’ Georgia high school is providing grief counselors to help students cope with the tragedy. The families of these students might benefit from some grief counseling as well. Parents are not supposed to outlive their children, and seeing them in pain is not easy either. The families of the victims may file civil actions against the party or parties deemed responsible in this accident. The fact that the driver was speeding could be sufficient to establish negligence, which is necessary in order for the court to award damages.

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