Alcohol may have killed 2, injured 3 in Georgia car accident

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Some Georgia motorists may not think twice about helping a stranded driver. Doing so certainly comes with its dangers. For one unfortunate driver, and a passenger in his vehicle, it cost lives in the form of a fatal car accident. The man had stopped to assist the driver of a stranded vehicle in the early morning hours of Nov. 10.

As authorities continue their investigation into this deadly crash, it was determined that the stranded vehicle had pulled off Interstate 20 because it had run out of gas. The driver of a passing car pulled over to assist. While doing so, a Jeep then allegedly slammed into the back of the good Samaritan’s car, rear-ending it and pushing it forward into the rear of the Chevy. The Jeep then scraped the side of the stranded vehicle.

According to the Georgia State Police, the passenger of the good Samaritan’s vehicle was killed, as well as another person who was standing between the vehicles. It is not clear who the deceased pedestrian was. It may have been the driver of the vehicle that pulled over or an occupant of the vehicle that was out of gas. There was no report on whether anyone else had been injured in the crash.

Police believe that the driver of the Jeep may have been intoxicated at the time of the car accident. If it is discovered that the Jeep driver was driving under the influence of alcohol, criminal charges will most likely be filed in regard to this horrible accident. The families of the deceased may file a wrongful death claim against the Jeep driver as well. Financial restitution may help cover the costs associated with an untimely death and burial charges.

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