Car accident victim suffered severe neck and brain injuries

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The reported accident is an excellent example of why people must be given the right to collect compensation when someone’s wrongdoing causes them to suffer severe personal injuries. The Georgia accident occurred back on May 13 in Cobb County but was recently the subject of news articles due to criminal charges relating to reckless driving against the at-fault driver in connection with the car accident. According to the police, her recklessness caused the victim ‘serious injuries to his neck and brain’.

At about 1:44 p.m. on May 13, the Kennesaw woman was operating her vehicle on Cobb Parkway at the Pete Scogin Parkway at a high rate of speed, according to police. While speeding, police say she ran a red light and collided with a vehicle operated by the innocent victim. He sustained neck and brain injuries that are not further detailed in news stories.

He was a coach with the Stingrays cheerleading organization. Since the car accident, he’s been hospitalized and institutionalized for rehabilitation. Recovery from serious brain injury can be a long and difficult ordeal. He was recently moved to the Shepherd Center to continue rehabilitation.

The victim is entitled to collect damages from the at-fault driver for all injuries sustained in the car accident. In this case, the recent criminal charges relating to reckless driving may set a basis for punitive damages against her. Normal damages recoverable include for pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages and permanent disability.

Injury to the neck can include damage to the spinal cord, including broken vertebrae, which can result in paralysis. In automobile accidents, a serious injury to the neck that often occurs is one or more herniated discs in the cervical spine. With respect to brain injury, the results can be devastating and can cause loss of memory, motor function loss, paralysis to parts of the body, personality changes, speech defects, and a myriad of other severe symptoms and disabilities.

The victim was minding his own business and driving safely. Out of nowhere, his life was dramatically changed forever because a careless and irresponsible driver disregarded everyone else’s rights on the roadway. That’s why in Georgia and everywhere else our legal system guarantees the right of car accident victims to compensation for serious personal injury.

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