Fatal accident in Georgia may result in personal injury lawsuit

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It is important for motorists to obey all traffic signs when driving on the road. The signs are designed to make sure there is no confusion while motorists are sharing the roadways. This helps to avoid traffic accidents by ensuring that vehicles do not end up hitting each other and potentially causing personal injury lawsuits. However, it only takes one person to disobey the traffic signs just once to potentially cause injury or even death. One recent incident in Georgia proved just that when a fatal accident killed two children and injured three other individuals.

The crash happened when a GMC Envoy smashed into a tractor-trailer after failing to stop at a stop sign. The impact caused the car to spin around and collide into the truck’s rear. The authorities have not released any reports specifying what may have caused the driver of the GMC to fail to stop before hitting the truck. The driver of the truck, a 41-year-old man, was immediately transported to a local medical facility in order to treat injuries sustained in the crash.

Tragically, the crash resulted in the death of two young children, ages six and twelve. The children’s mother and another 13-year-old relative both suffered injuries from the collision. They were both transported to the local hospital following the incident.

Those injured in an accident, such as this one in Georgia, may be able to file personal injury lawsuits. This may help to obtain monetary reimbursement which could help with paying for expenses such as medical bills and damage to any vehicles. If a driver disobeys traffic signs and causes an accident, the evidence used to convict the driver of breaking traffic laws could also be used in future civil lawsuits related the crash.

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