Tractor-trailer accident kills 1 person in Georgia

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Tractor-trailers can be dangerous to other vehicles traveling on the road. Due to this type of vehicle’s size, it has more potential than other types of vehicles to cause greater damage in an accident. This puts many drivers at risk of injury or even death in the event of a tractor-trailer accident. This was what happened in a recent truck accident on Georgia state highway that left one person dead.

The incident happened when a 34-year-old truck driver was traveling eastbound on the highway. The woman attempted to take a left turn onto a local road when a 68-year-old driver crashed into the side of the trailer. The second vehicle ended up trapped underneath the trailer, which forced crews to extricate the man from his vehicle. The man died later at a local medical facility as a result of his injuries.

Charges against the driver of the tractor trailer are now pending as a result of the accident. However, there have been no reports as to exactly what criminal charges the driver of the tractor trailer may face. Also, there have not been any reports of alcohol consumption playing a role in causing the deadly collision. Authorities are still investigating the incident in order to find the cause of the crash.

The criminal trial which may result from the tractor trailer accident could bring to light evidence which could be used in a future civil lawsuit. Although no civil lawsuit has been filed in this case yet, the family members of the driver who died in the crash may decide to sue for wrongful death. The family could gain monetary reimbursement for their tremendous loss. Even though this legal action will not bring back a lost life, it may help with funeral costs and other expenses resulting from this Georgia tragedy.

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