1 dies, 5 injured in Georgia car accident

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It is important that drivers take the proper precautions to avoid a car crash. This is understandably critical, since a car accident can cause serious injury or even death. Potentially, car crashes are even more dangerous when there are multiple vehicles involved. This was the case in a fatal vehicle crash in Georgia which involved four cars that ended up killing one person.

The crash occurred on Interstate 285 and caused major traffic congestion during the evening of the incident. The incident happened in the northbound lanes sometime before 5 p.m. A car collided with an SUV, which in turn caused the SUV to smash into another vehicle. The third vehicle was knocked into the path of a tractor-trailer, which hit the left side of the vehicle.

Five people sustained injuries, while one person died as a result of the incident which occurred at Camp Creek Parkway. The multiple-vehicle crash forced authorities to shut down the Interstate’s northbound lanes. Traffic was slowed for more than an hour while authorities investigated the scene for clues to the cause of the accident.

It is always a tragedy when a person dies in a car accident. Although nothing can bring the decedent back, a wrongful death action may be appropriate to claim monetary damages based upon proof of negligence in the crash. This could result in reimbursement for the family’s financial losses once liability is established and damages documented. Additionally, those who are injured in a car accident in Georgia may also be reimbursed in a civil lawsuit for medical expenses, again based upon proof of negligence and the damages that resulted.

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