Driver fails to stop, 1 Georgia woman dies in resulting crash

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Traffic rules are designed to protect drivers from accidents and injuries while traveling in their vehicles. By making their best effort to follow these rules, drivers significantly reduce the risk of inflicting harm on fellow motorists.

However, not all drivers always follow these rules, which can lead to serious consequences. This may have been what happened in a recent car accident in which a driver did not stop at a stop sign, which resulted in a tragic fatal accident. The incident is currently being investigated by the Georgia State Patrol.

The incident occurred when a southbound Volkswagen failed to halt at a stop sign at the intersection of two state highways, causing a collision with a Buick. The Buick was driving westbound when it ran into the driver’s side door of the Volkswagen.

One of two women who was in the Volkswagen died at the scene of the accident. The other woman was transported to a local medical center with injuries that were classified as serious. It is not known which of the two injured women was behind the wheel. The driver of the Buick only sustained minor injuries and was walking around immediately after the crash.

Authorities have yet to determine what caused the Volkswagen’s driver to run the stop sign. There have been no reports of any suspicion of alcohol or drugs being contributing factors to the fatal accident.

It is possible to file civil lawsuits to be filed for personal injury or wrongful death under Georgia state law. The investigators’ findings are likely to play a large role in determining which party may be liable for emotional and economic damages related to the collision.

The days and weeks after a serious accident can be very stressful and confusing for the victims and their families. In order to ease any post-accident anxiety, those involved in a car crash may wish to consult with a legal professional in order to assess their legal options or responsibilities.

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