I-75 truck accident in Georgia kills 1, severely burns another

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A tragic truck accident that led to the death of one man and seriously injured another is fresh on the minds of multiple Georgia families. The fatal accident happened along Interstate 75 in Georgia during the afternoon hours. Authorities continue to investigate the circumstances behind accident.

The incident reportedly happened after the 54-year-old driver of a pickup truck crossed the highway’s median. That put him into the path of a semi-truck, slamming into the fuel tank on the left-side. The resulting explosion caused both vehicles to be engulfed in flames.

In the ensuing course of events, the driver of the pickup passed away. The 45-year-old semi driver also suffered burns that ran across his upper body. Officials expect that he will survive, although he will certainly have to endure weeks of pain and healing, not to mention incurring substantial medical expenses. Due to the severity of the burn injuries, he may not have the ability to work in the same capacity after he recovers.

It remains unclear why the pickup truck driver crossed the median, but investigators are attempting to piece together the details of the car wreck. Once their investigation is complete, though, it will hopefully provide the family of the deceased man with some closure by knowing exactly what happened. Furthermore, the report’s findings will provide an indication of which party is liable for the incident.

In many accident cases, those who sustain injuries due the negligence of an involved party may consider civil action to seek damages. Should the deceased pickup truck driver be found guilty, he still could be held accountable. The semi-truck driver may be able to file a claim against the other driver’s estate for his role in the accident. Depending on how the semi-truck driver recovers from his injuries, there may be a particular sense of urgency to consider all the legal options available.

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