After a crash, those responsible should have to pay

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Crash injuries have the potential to leave a lasting impression. You may suffer from a new disability as a result of a collision or be struggling with disfiguring wounds.

No matter what kinds of injuries you have suffered, it’s important that you’re given the opportunity to seek compensation. There is no reason that another person should be able to harm you without having to be responsible for those wounds, your expenses and other losses.

What will the at-fault party be responsible for paying after a car crash?

They may be responsible for paying several things including compensating you for:

  • Lost wages
  • Medical care
  • Medical devices that you need to purchase
  • Pain and suffering
  • Travel expenses related to the injury and medical care
  • Damage to your vehicle and property

What should you do immediately following a traffic accident?

Immediately following an accident in Georgia, it’s in your best interests to call 911 and wait for emergency help to arrive. If possible, ask witnesses to stay at the scene and make sure you check on the well-being of passengers and people in the other vehicles, if possible. If you’re badly injured, stay where you are and make sure you go with the ambulance. Any interviews or discussions you need to have about the crash can wait until you’re stable.

After you receive medical treatment, you may need to speak with the police about what happened. Don’t make any claims about fault, because it’s the officer’s job to investigate and decide who’s to blame for the crash. It’s okay to describe what the other person was doing, for example. You might say, “I saw the driver looking down, and then they went through the stop sign and hit me.” Be clear that you are not the person who made a mistake that caused the collision.

It’s a good idea to reach out to your Dalton attorney as soon as you can after the crash. Your attorney can begin working with the driver’s insurance company to try to get you a fair settlement based on the severity of your injuries and the potential for the injury to impact you in the future.

If the driver did not have insurance, then your attorney will begin to build your case, so you can begin a personal injury lawsuit in the future if you choose to do so. That will help you sue the person responsible for your injuries directly.