Make sure people do not slip and fall at work

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When Georgia residents go to work, they usually do not think about getting hurt. However, slips, falls and trips are more common than many people may realize and it is a good idea for workers to know how they can prevent these kinds of accidents. 

People might fall, trip or slip for many reasons. EHS Today says that if a hallway or room has poor lighting, people may not see tripping hazards in time to avoid them. A person may also lose his or her balance and fall on ladders and step stools. Uneven pavement or damage to the floor can cause people to trip in some situations. Additionally, sometimes people fall because of ice or rain on the pavement. These incidents occur more frequently than some people may suspect. In 2016, falls, trips and slips in the workplace caused the deaths of 849 people, and roughly 15 percent of workers’ compensation claims involve one of these accidents.

It is important for workers to understand how they can prevent these incidents so they will be safe at work. According to Safety and Health magazine, people should usually hold the handrail when they climb stairs. It is also a good idea for people to pay attention to where they are going and what is around them. Additionally, it is important for people not to rush. Although some workers may be in a hurry if they are running late or trying to finish a task, speedwalking may sometimes cause them to fall if they do not see tripping hazards, such as puddles or electrical wires. 

Sometimes simple actions can help prevent falls, slips and trips at work. When people notice a burnt-out light bulb, it is a good idea for them to change it or report it to maintenance staff. This can keep people from falling over hazards they cannot see. It is also a good idea for people to wipe up spills and put up a sign so their colleagues know the floor may be slippery. Additionally, people should generally put cord covers over electrical cables so no one trips on them.