Rear-end crash claims life of 82-year-old

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2018 | Personal Injury |

Residents in Georgia often take to the roads and highways over the holidays to be with their family members and friends during special celebration events. Unfortunately, this can be a time not only of joy and togetherness but of tragedy if an accident happens when someone is on their way to or from such a trip. Losing a loved one in a senseless crash is always a challenge for those left behind but can be exceptionally difficult when it happens over a holiday.

Unfortunately, this is exactly the type of trauma and sadness that the family members of one man must experience today in the wake of a fatal crash that happened on the last day of the long Thanksgiving weekend.

According to a report by, a man was in a sport utility vehicle along a stretch of Interstate 95 when that SUV was hit from behind by a van. Few details are known about why the driver of the van failed to slow or stop as needed but toxicology tests have been taken and the results may well lead to charges if drugs or alcohol are found to have been involved.

The site of the accident was near the exit marked number 109. Traffic was slow in the area at the time. In total, six vehicles are said to have been involved in the wreck. In addition to the one death, four other people are said to have sustained injuries but no details about the nature of those injuries are known. The man who was killed was 82 years old.