The most common dangers of night driving

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Sometimes, Georgian drivers have no choice but to hit the road after the sun sets. However, night driving can be extremely taxing. It can also be more dangerous to drive at this time than any other time of day.

The National Safety Council goes into detail about night driving dangers that those on the road may face. These dangers primarily fall into three categories: visibility, vision, and other drivers.

Visibility and vision are tied together. Visibility refers to other objects outside of a car and how well they are illuminated. Vision relates to a driver’s ability to see. Visibility can be improved by using headlights appropriately. For example, high beams should be used to detect danger in the distance as long as the road is otherwise unoccupied. Headlights should also be cleaned frequently so the light does not become clouded.

To improve vision, a driver with poor eyesight should always be wearing contacts or glasses with anti-glare coating. This will cut down on the light that bounces back from other driver’s headlights. The windshield and wipers should also be taken care of and cleaned frequently to prevent streaking.

Driving Tests states that other drivers can pose a danger. Driver’s fatigue and drunk driving are both at their peak levels during the night. To cut down on the possibility of getting into a crash with these people, a driver should always remain aware of their surroundings. Pay attention to headlights and be prepared to act at a moment’s notice.

Though it’s best to avoid driving at night where possible, it’s also possible to drive safely in the dark. These tips can help a driver to avoid the most commonly cited dangers and get through their drive safely.