Even a low speed car accident can result in serious injuries

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Oftentimes, when one hears of injuries related to a traffic accident, one pictures a chaotic scene involving several vehicles. However, even a low speed car accident can cause serious injuries to the spine or soft tissue. There are countless Georgia residents who have suffered physical impairment from an accident that did not initially appear to be serious.

In a major car crash, victims are usually transported by emergency workers to hospitals for evaluation and treatment. Though the need for emergency care is undeniable in the face of obvious physical injuries, there are many victims who have walked away from the scene of a low-speed accident in the belief that they are physically unharmed. Unfortunately, there are many soft tissue or joint injuries that do not manifest for days or even weeks after the initial incident. Though an injury may not appear to be significant at first, the long-lasting repercussions can delay a person’s recovery indefinitely.