Georgia car accident leaves 1 infant dead, injures 2 adults

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An infant girl passed away and her mom suffered injuries in a tragic car crash in Georgia. The car accident occurred on a Saturday night, leaving their family members struggling to comprehend how the infant’s life could be snuffed out so soon. The infant who died was just 3 months old.

The accident happened on a road near a hospital amphitheater. According to police, the infant’s mom, 28, was carrying the infant while crossing the road with a family friend, 61, at about 6:16 p.m. All of a sudden, a motor vehicle operated by a 17-year-old girl reportedly struck them.

The deceased baby’s mom and the family friend were taken to the hospital with injuries. The mom and baby were actually in Georgia in an effort to escape Hurricane Irma, which was a major threat to Florida. The collision occurred in a Georgia city that was at the time hosting its final 2017 Summer Concert Series show. Authorities said they were still investigating the collision.

The family members of the infant who died in the collision may choose to file a wrongful death claim in a Georgia civil court against the 17-year-old girl, as well as against any other individual with an ownership interest in the car she was driving. Likewise, the infant’s mom and family friend may choose to file personal injury claims with regard to their car accident injuries. No amount of compensation can undo the events leading to the victims’ injuries and the baby’s death, but it can help the grieving family members to more easily move on from the devastating ordeal.

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