Man killed in car accident while assisting with disabled car

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A car accident recently snatched the life of a military specialist in Georgia. The accident happened when the specialist was attempting to provide assistance to a stranded motorist. The driver who reportedly caused the car accident was expected to face criminal charges in connection with the accident.

The car crash happened at about 4:30 a.m. According to police, the 52-year-old military man had stopped his car behind another car that was disabled. The disabled car had come to a halt in one of the lanes along Interstate 75.

After the man activated some strobe lights, he donned a reflective traffic safety vest and left his vehicle. Moments later, a 22-year-old motorist reportedly struck the man’s vehicle, which caused the car to hit him. This motorist suffered minor injuries and was taken to the hospital, while the man driving the disabled car suffered no injuries. Police said they anticipated filing charges against the 22-year-old driver.

The surviving loved ones of the man who was killed while trying to help with the disabled car may choose to file a wrongful death claim against the 22-year-old driver, seeking damages. If this driver is charged and later convicted on the charges, proof of the conviction may be presented in civil court in an effort to establish liability in the fatal accident case. A successfully fought claim may provide a monetary damage award that may help with addressing funeral costs and other accident-related losses. Monetary damages may also help with addressing pain and suffering caused by the fatal Georgia car accident.

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