Fatal car accident reportedly caused by valet’s negligence

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A woman recently lost her life in a Georgia motor vehicle collision. The Saturday car accident took place near an Atlanta restaurant in the Midtown section of the city. According to police, it was the result of a valet parking attendant’s negligence.

Police said the morning crash occurred  when a valet lost control of a vehicle he was driving in the parking lot of Einstein’s Restaurant. Apparently, he steeped on the accelerator instead of engaging the brake of the car he was operating. A 33-year-old woman was struck and ended up being sandwiched between two vehicles as a result.

Sadly, the crash victim, who apparently resided in Connecticut, was killed. The Fulton County Medical Examiner indicated that a formal conclusion regarding the woman’s specific cause of death was pending the completion of the accident investigation. Six other people suffered injuries as well.

The surviving family members of the deceased appear to have grounds for filing a wrongful death claim in a Georgia civil court against the valet driver and the valet’s employer, seeking the reimbursement of financial damages sustained as a result of the crash. While there is as yet no indication that the valet will be charged criminally, a civil lawsuit is based on proof of negligence. Should the family prove that the valet and/or his employer was negligent in a manner that either caused the accident or materially contributed to it, the court will entertain and adjudicate claims for specific items of financial damages to include in any monetary judgment awarded.

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