Car accident leads to 2 deaths, 3 injuries

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A motor vehicle accident recently took place in Georgia. Two children were killed in the car accident. In addition, three people were injured.

The accident took place at about 1:50 p.m. on a Sunday. According to police, a driver suddenly lost control of her car. As a result, the car struck a tree and ended up going down an embankment.

The driver, 25 years old, suffered injuries and was taken to the hospital. Two other adults, 25 and 21 years old, were riding in the car. They also suffered injuries and were transported to the hospital. Two children, ages 1 and 4, died in the collision.

The injured car passengers may choose to file personal injury claims against the driver of the car, seeking the reimbursement of monetary damages sustained in the Georgia car accident. In addition, the legal estates of the two children likely have cause of action for wrongful death claims against the driver, even if they were related to the driver. A successfully litigated claim, in which liability is established to the satisfaction of the civil court hearing the case, may result in a monetary damage award to help cover medical bills, any loss of wages, burial expenses and other monetary losses stemming from the accident. Monetary damages might also help to address emotional distress and pain and suffering caused by the accident. Financial relief cannot undo the events that caused the victims’ injuries or deaths in this accident, but it may help the plaintiffs to confront the economic aspects of this tragedy.

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