Car accident leads to 1 death, vehicular homicide charge

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A collision recently took the life of a man in Georgia. The car accident occurred on a Saturday morning. It happened along Interstate 75.

According to police, a man was walking along the interstate near a county line when he was suddenly struck by a car. Police said the car accident happened when the driver veered off the roadway. The pedestrian passed away at the accident scene.

Authorities said it was not clear why the pedestrian was going along the interstate. It also remained unclear why the driver ran off the road. The driver of the car is currently facing a charge of vehicular homicide.

When a pedestrian dies as a result of the alleged negligence of a driver in the state of Georgia, the individual’s surviving family members may opt to file a wrongful death claim against the reportedly at-fault driver, pursuing claims for monetary damages. If the driver is charged and ultimately convicted of vehicular homicide, the surviving family members may present proof of the conviction in a related civil proceeding in an attempt to establish liability to the satisfaction of the court hearing the case. Once this happens, claims for damages may be adjudicated. Monetary compensation cannot undo the events that led to the death of the pedestrian in this type of car accident case, but it may help to address the financial losses caused by the accident. It can also help the surviving family members to experience a sense of justice in light of such a tragedy.

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