Car accident claims 2 lives, leads to 3 injuries

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Two people recently died in a vehicle crash in Georgia. In addition, three other people were critically injured. The serious car accident took place on a Saturday night.

The crash occurred at a street intersection at about 8:20 p.m. Police said when they arrived at the scene of the two-car accident, they found two individuals already dead. Both of them were in the same vehicle.

Three people in the other car suffered injuries deemed critical and were taken to local hospitals. Their conditions were not immediately known. Authorities closed down the boulevard where the accident happened while they continued investigating the collision.

The police investigation may reveal who was at fault in the accident, in which case this individual may be held liable in civil court. If the person survived the Georgia crash, he or she may face personal injury claims from the other injured parties as well as wrongful death claims filed by the surviving loved ones of the deceased accident victims. Meanwhile, if the reportedly at-fault individual ended up dying in the collision, his or her estate may be sued, and so may any other person who also owned the vehicle he or she was driving when the accident occurred. A preponderance of the evidence is necessary to establish liability in a manner that satisfies the civil court, at which point claims for monetary damages will be determined. Monetary compensation in a successfully litigated case might help to cover hospital expenses, burial costs, the loss of wages, the loss of support and other expenses associated with the car accident.

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