Georgia car accident claims 1 life, leads to 3 injuries

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A fatal crash recently took place in Georgia. The car accident occurred along Highway 156 on a Sunday afternoon. A man passed away in the collision, while three other individuals suffered injuries.

According to police, a man was operating a car that was going west at a little before 4 p.m., at which time rain had been falling steadily. The man hydroplaned and ended up losing control of his car. He rotated counter-clockwise and hit a pickup truck that was going east. When the pickup struck the car on the rear passenger side, the Buick left the road and hit an embankment before stopping in a ditch. The pickup truck also landed in the ditch.

The car’s driver died at the accident scene, while the two children in his car suffered injuries and were taken to the hospital. Meanwhile, the driver of the pickup truck did not suffer any injuries, although his female passenger was taken to the hospital via ambulance, where her condition was considered stable. Police continued to investigate the cause of the accident.

The woman who was injured in the Georgia car accident may choose to file a personal injury claim in this case, seeking damages. A claim that is fought successfully may help her to cover her medical bills and even the loss of wages if her injuries kept her from working for a period of time. Although the car driver who reportedly caused the accident ended up passing away, his estate may be sued, and any separate owner of the car may be sued as well. Competent proof of negligence — such as driving too quickly for weather conditions — is necessary to establish liability sufficiently in civil court.

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