Man dead, multiple people injured in Georgia car accident

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A man in Georgia lost his life in a recent motor vehicle crash. The car accident occurred on a Friday evening. It took place along Highway 54.

According to police, the 18-year-old man was riding in a vehicle headed north on the highway. The driver reportedly did not yield while attempting to turn left. A southbound vehicle struck the passenger side of the turning vehicle.

The injured teenager was sitting in the front passenger seat of the first car. A passenger in the backseat of the the same vehicle was ejected. Both were transported to the hospital via helicopter, but the 18-year-old did not survive. Two people from the second car were taken to the hospital via ambulance, and the road where the crash took place was temporarily closed following the accident. It remained unclear whether either driver would face criminal charges in the accident.

In accidents involving left turns, the driver making the turn is often the one deemed to have been at fault since drivers making left turns are required to yield to oncoming traffic. The surviving family members of the 18-year-old man who died may opt to file a wrongful death claim against any party or party deemed at fault for the Georgia accident. Likewise, the injured backseat passenger in the first car and the injured passengers in the second car may choose to file personal injury claims. A monetary award in a successfully presented case may help to cover burial costs, hospital bills and other financial losses stemming from the car accident.

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