Car accident leads to 2 deaths, 1 injury in Georgia

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A motor vehicle crash recently led to the deaths of two women in Georgia. A young man was also injured in the car accident. It took place on a Saturday.

According to authorities, a vehicle was carrying five individuals. The vehicle ended up leaving the roadway, and the driver overcorrected. The vehicle thus crossed the median of the road, entering the northbound lanes and striking another vehicle.

The driver and another person riding in the car received treatment and were released following the accident. Another passenger, 23, suffered injuries and was hospitalized, where authorities said his condition was critical yet stable. The two other individuals in the car, a 23-year-old woman and a 22-year-old woman, also suffered injuries and were transported to the hospital, where they later died. No citations were issued following the accident, which might have been weather related.

In this type of single-car accident case in Georgia, if the driver is found to have been careless behind the wheel — such as driving too quickly for road conditions — the driver may be held liable for the deaths or injuries resulting from the crash. An injured party has the right to file a personal injury claim, while the loved ones of a deceased car accident victim may opt to file a wrongful death claim, pursuing damages. If liability is established to the court’s satisfaction, based upon a showing of negligence, claims for damages be determined. Awarded damages may help to cover accident-related losses, such as hospital expenses and burial costs.

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