Georgia interstate has high number of automobile accidents

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Major interstates in the United States were the sites of more than 2,800 fatal vehicle crashes in 2013. That amounts to about 32 deadly automobile accidents per day. One Georgia interstate in particular was found to have had more deadly crashes per mile than any other highway in 2013.

That deadly highway is Interstate 285, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which ranked the deadliest interstate in the country. This interstate surrounds the city of Atlanta. On this interstate in 2013, there were 26 fatal crashes, which led to 29 total deaths.

Georgia is considered the seventh-worst state nationwide for fatal car crashes in total. In one deadly crash case in 2013, a woman, 53, was hit by many vehicles and ended up dying while she was walking across the interstate. A couple of weeks later, a man, 28, was hit by a vehicle after he pulled over in an emergency lane and walked across the highway. The other top interstates for deadly wrecks are in the states of California, Oklahoma, Delaware and Tennessee.

If a person is killed in a car accident caused by the negligence of another driver in Georgia, his or her surviving loved ones have the right to take legal action. The family may choose to file a wrongful death claim against the other driver, seeking the reimbursement of monetary damages sustained in the crash. A preponderance of the evidence is necessary to establish liability in this type of civil court case. Once liability is established, a judge will decide claims for damages associated with such fatal automobile accidents.

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