Fatal accident involves pedestrian and 2 vehicles

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The family members and community are mourning a woman’s loss following a recent deadly vehicle accident in Georgia. The fatal accident happened on a Monday night. It took place near an elementary school.

Police reported that a woman was in a crosswalk along one road a little after 6 p.m. when she was struck. Two cars were involved in the crash. Both drivers remained at the accident scene for questioning and were then released. It was not reported whether criminal charges are contemplated.

Relatives of the victim arrived at the crash scene shortly after the crash. Police said they were trying to figure out how the woman was struck and which vehicle hit her. In the month of October, there were three deadly pedestrian crashes involving hit-and-run drivers in the Gwinnett County, where the woman was killed.

A police investigation may yield information about which driver caused the fatal accident. If the gathered evidence suggests who the at-fault driver was, the surviving loved ones of the pedestrian who died in the accident may choose to file a liability lawsuit against him or her, seeking monetary compensation for damages sustained as a result of the crash. Awarded damages, based upon appropriate proof of negligence, may help to cover funeral costs and cover any loss of support. Financial restitution may also help to address other documented monetary losses occasioned by the tragic vehicle accident. In order for monetary damage claims to be adjudicated, liability must first be established to the satisfaction of the Georgia civil court hearing the case.

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