Fatal accident allegedly caused by reckless acts of drunk driver

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While most drivers choose to properly and safely operate their vehicles, others do not. In some cases, individuals get behind the wheel and perform reckless acts, text while driving and/or drink while driving. Sadly, it is these individuals that often cause tragic accidents that result in the wrongful death of another. This appears to be the case concerning one woman here in Georgia who has been arrested and charged with DUI and vehicular homicide after allegedly causing a fatal accident on a previous weekend.

At last report, the 23-year-old was behind bars without bond on various charges, including DUI, first-degree vehicular homicide and failure to obey a traffic signal. The car crash that landed her there occurred on July 1 and killed a 42-year-old man. The woman had a passenger in the vehicle with her who suffered injuries.

The accident happened early on a Saturday morning at an intersection. The man was driving a SUV when the woman’s vehicle struck him. It appears the accident was due to the failure of the woman to properly observe a traffic signal. The impact of the crash overturned both vehicles.

According to police, the man was partially thrown from his vehicle. Extrication measures had to be taken to free him. Tragically, he was then pronounced deceased at the scene. The passenger in the woman’s car, a 23-year-old woman, also had to be extricated from the vehicle and was airlifted to a hospital.

The family of the woman who was killed in this fatal accident and the passenger of the allegedly drunk driver may have legal recourse under the circumstances. Arguably, drinking and driving is one of many reckless acts in which a driver may engage. If sufficient proof of this is presented in a Georgia civil court proceeding, any party or parties found negligent in connection with the accident may be subject to a judgment for financial relief. If the woman is convicted in criminal court of the DUI and/or vehicular manslaughter charges, that alone may constitute liability for purposes of a related wrongful death or personal injury claim.

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