Georgia car accident sends several to hospital

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The bridge over Blue River on U.S. Highway 80 was the scene of a head-on collision on June 13. There were two vehicles involved in this Georgia car accident. It occurred shortly prior to 4 p.m., and the bridge did not reopen until nearly 6:15 p.m.

Several people were sent to the hospital due to injuries suffered in the crash. A 33-year-old driver was headed toward Tybee Island in a white sedan. The car that was immediately in front of him apparently slowed due to stopped traffic.

That driver then veered to avoid hitting the slowing car. In doing so, he struck an oncoming pickup truck head on. That vehicle was operated by a 55-year-old man. 

The pickup driver and three of his family members were injured in the crash. They were taken to Memorial University Medical Center with injuries that were described as non life-threatening. The driver of the car was initially trapped in his vehicle but was taken to the same hospital after extraction. His injuries were more serious, though he was reported to be in stable condition.

This accident is still under investigation. The initial information suggests that the car driver was at fault in causing the crash. If that preliminary assessment is affirmed by the evidence gathered, the injured family members from the pickup truck may choose to file a civil lawsuit for medical costs, lost wages and pain and suffering, among other financial losses incurred as a result of the car accident. A personal injury attorney can help with the decisions to be made, from explaining the family’s legal options to preparing and presenting claims for damages before a Georgia civil court.

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