Georgia truck accident kills five

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A tractor-trailer burst into flames on May 20, 2015, after crashing into two cars. The truck accident happened on Interstate 16 west of Savannah, Georgia. In the end, seven vehicles were damaged and five people were killed in the accident.

Authorities are investigating the accident – including the possibility that the driver of the tractor-trailer fell asleep. Witnesses report that the tractor-trailer was seen veering from lane to lane before it crashed into the cars and caught on fire. The interstate was shut down for several hours following the crash.

In one of the cars hit by the tractor-trailer, three people died. The other two deaths were from a car caught between that truck and another tractor-trailer. The driver of the tractor-trailer who allegedly caused the accident had no serious injuries.

The Pooler Police Chief spoke with the driver after the incident and said that he seemed traumatized. However, he did not provide any details regarding the crash at that time. No charges were immediately filed against the driver.

The Pooler Police Department and the Georgia State Patrol are investigating the crash. The State Patrol reports that the joint investigation could take more than a month to complete. The families of victims of a crash like this truck accident may wish to speak to an attorney about filing a civil suit for compensation for such things as final expenses, money needed to settle the estate of the deceased and wrongful death. If a driver is convicted of a crime regarding an accident, those who file a civil suit may wish to evidence presented during criminal proceedings as further proof the defendant’s liability.

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