Only teenage driver survives fatal accident in Georgia

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A Georgia teenager receiving his or her driver’s license should be a joyous time in the life of that teen and his or her parents. However, the occasion is often marred by the fact that many teenagers get into accidents — mostly due to their inexperience behind the wheel. Inexperience might be the cause of a recent fatal accident in which only the teenage driver survived.

At approximately 1:48 p.m., law enforcement officials received a call about a single-vehicle crash. Upon arrival at the scene, officers found that two teenagers — the passengers in the vehicle — had succumbed to fatal injuries received in the crash. The driver was still alive, but not without having suffered unknown injuries for which he was taken to a hospital in the area.

The preliminary investigation revealed that the car had run off the road and careened down the embankment. What the first reports do not indicate is how and why the accident occurred. Therefore, the Specialized Collision Reconstruction Team with the Georgia State Patrol was called in to conduct the investigation. Of course, while the investigation continues, the friends and families of the two passengers who died in the crash are undoubtedly mourning their loss.

Once the initial shock wears off from this fatal accident, the reality of their loss could set in for the families. Part of that reality is the costs associated with their loved ones’ premature deaths such as burial and funeral costs. Fortunately, the families may file wrongful death actions seeking financial restitution for those expenses and other damages allowed under Georgia law. Any award resulting from a successfully litigated claim will never make the families whole again, but it could relieve the financial stresses caused by their loved ones’ deaths.

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