Georgia accident victims may underestimate whiplash

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A Georgia resident can suffer any number of serious injuries in a car accident. When people think of serious injuries, they often think of head trauma, spinal cord injuries or even burns. Of all the possible physical calamities that can befall an accident victim, the most underestimated injury might just be whiplash.

If your vehicle is hit from behind, you may suffer whiplash — an injury to the soft tissues surrounding the spine such as the ligaments, nerves and/or muscles. You may suffer from pain in your neck, back and sometimes your extremities, depending on the damage done to the nerves, which can cause a tingling sensation like the feeling of “pins and needles” when a limb falls asleep. Many whiplash victims also suffer from headaches that can be severe.

Of course, the symptoms may not manifest immediately following an accident. This can give you a false sense of security regarding your physical condition. In some cases, this can cause injuries to become exacerbated, which can lead to more damage. The condition can be temporary, but you could also suffer permanent damage, leading to a lifetime of discomfort and physical limitations. A medical examination after the crash and/or as soon as symptoms appear is essential.

If it appears that your case of whiplash will cause you to spend a significant amount of time recovering and include the need for physical therapy, medication and other corrective measures, you could amass a significant amount of medical and medical-related costs. Moreover, you could lose income during your recovery. If you were injured through the negligence of another, you may exercise your right to seek damages through the filing of a personal injury claim. Satisfying a Georgia court that your injuries were caused by the actions of another could result in monetary restitution.