Georgia State Patrol calls for help in deadly truck accident

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The wreckage involved in some accidents can make it difficult to determine exactly what happened. In those cases, law enforcement agencies throughout the state request the assistance of the Specialized Collision Reconstruction Team with the Georgia State Patrol to determine the cause of the crash. Troopers called in this team to help figure out how a recent truck accident occurred.

A truck driver called police to tell them he was involved in an accident on Interstate 75. When Georgia State Patrol troopers arrived at the scene, they found an overturned 18-wheeler and the badly damaged remains of a passenger vehicle. The debris was spread over a considerable distance, and what happened was not easily discernible.

What is known is that the passenger car hit the back of the first truck, which did not have a trailer attached, and a tractor-trailer hauling beer hit the passenger car from behind. The beer truck ended up overturned in a ditch by the side of the highway. However, it is unclear the order in which events occurred.

The driver of the passenger vehicle suffered fatal injuries. The driver of the truck carrying the beer was taken to the hospital for unknown injuries but was released the same day. Until the investigation is complete, it is not known what charges, if any, will be filed.

Meanwhile, the family of the deceased driver may file a wrongful death claim against both the driver of the tractor-trailer and the company for which the truck driver worked. Providing compelling evidence of the driver’s negligence in this truck accident could result in the family being awarded damages. Any monetary restitution received might help the family recover the financial losses incurred as a result of the death of the victim.

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