Fog may have contributed to deadly Georgia car accident

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Weather conditions such as heavy rains and thick fog can greatly reduce a Georgia driver’s visibility. Under these conditions, drivers need to take extra precautions in order to avoid a car accident that could cause serious injuries or even death to the parties involved. Unfortunately, some drivers are not as cautious as they should be when the weather is bad.

Police believe that the weather — specifically thick fog — might have played a role in a recent crash involving two pickup trucks. The trucks were heading in opposite directions on the fog covered road when they collided. Troopers at the scene were not able to ascertain from the scene which vehicle strayed over the centerline and caused the collision. A specialized reconstruction team with the Georgia State Patrol was called in to make that determination.

The driver of one of the pickup trucks — a 48-year-old man — suffered fatal injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene. It was discovered that he was not properly restrained during the crash. The other driver — a 32-year-old man — survived the crash but not without suffering critical injuries. At least report, he was still hospitalized.

Until it is determined which driver veered into the path of the other, no criminal charges have been filed. Moreover, any charges would only be pursued if the driver that survived is blamed for violating the law. At this point, both the family of the deceased driver and the injured driver may benefit from an understanding of their responsibilities and rights in connection with this car accident. The party believed to have been at fault could face a civil action. If the filing party prevails in proving negligence, the court may award damages permitted under state laws.

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