Drugs said to be cause of fatal accident in Georgia

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A great deal of attention is paid to drivers who are intoxicated on the roadways.  However, it is not only alcohol that can impair a driver.  A Georgia driver under the influence of drugs is just as likely to cause a fatal accident as one who has consumed too much alcohol.

For example, police were recently called to the scene of a crash in which officials believe one of the drivers used drugs before getting behind the wheel of a car.  Preliminary reports indicate that as he approached an intersection, he failed to obey a red traffic signal.  As he entered the intersection against the light, a 22-year-old woman was making a left hand turn.  The 34-year-old man’s vehicle plowed into her car.

Both she and her passenger initially survived the crash, but the driver later succumbed to her injuries despite the intervention of medical personnel.  The injuries the passenger suffered left her in critical condition at last report.  No report was made regarding whether the allegedly impaired driver suffered any injuries.

It was reported, however, that he is being charged with numerous crimes in connection with this fatal accident.  Among the charges he faces are homicide by vehicle, serious injury by vehicle and DUI drugs.  Any conviction secured by Georgia prosecutors could be used as evidence of his negligence in any civil action filed by the family of the deceased driver and/or the injured passenger.  Proving negligence on his part could lead to an award of damages that may alleviate the burden of the monetary losses sustained by the victims and their families.

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